heading up a committee that is attempting to push the spanking laws out of legislation. The former New Westminster MLA and MP is talking about repealing the criminal code that right now allows children to get hit. Parenting experts have been divided in the past, but the general consensus today is quite different than several decades prior. went on record to discuss a personal situation with a friend, about the notion of spanking, and hitting. Hitting children at a young age can be detrimental to their growth, and this attempt to push federal government to change the code is very important. People often get married with a fancy part. They spend a ton of money on extravegnt things such as luxurious limos(http://limoswinnipeg.ca/wedding/). Then once they finally have children, they fail to be great parents.

Research Indicates Problems

The research cited for pushing away with this law. The research shows that across several countries, many laws are in place that have outright banned hitting children, including disciplinary elements. With a new mentality towards anti-bullying, it’s imperative to look at changing laws, and updating the overall mentality that some parents and legal elements may have in place.

A changing of the guard is needed. cites the code that used to allow men to hit their wives. Today, that is no longer the case, and therefore this law needs to be taken into consideration as the next element to change. has spoken in regards to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and strongly urged a change to Section 43 of the Criminal Code. This change would no longer allow spanking, and governments can move towards a different model.

Beyond Simple Parenting

Disciplinary measures that parents have will no longer involve hitting children at the urging of this law change. The permission of spanking needs changing, according, and many are behind it now. This generation should be a model for change, and that’s one of the main reasons why and her supporters are pushing so heavily on this criminal code. The code that allows spanking may in fact be reversed sooner than later.