Your Issues

From imposing new and higher taxes to inflicting massive cuts on health, education and other vital services, the BC Liberals are making things harder and more expensive for BC families like yours.

NDP colleagues in Victoria are standing up and speaking out on your behalf, fighting for a better, more affordable life for you and your family. Take a look at some of the key issues below.

Opposing the BC Liberals’ HST

Premier Gordon Campbell and the B.C. Liberal government told British Columbians they had no plans to impose a new sales tax. They didn’t tell the truth, they didn’t consult and they don’t have a mandate to bring in the HST.

BC Liberals’ cuts and ballooning deficits

As soon as the election was over, Gordon Campbell started to back track on his promise to protect health care, education, and other vital services.

BC Liberals can’t get their facts straight on education funding

The B.C. Liberals proved once again that they are a government in chaos that cannot get their facts straight about education funding and gaming grants.

While defending the B.C. Liberals’ decision to slash Parent Advisory Council funding in half after promising to protect education during the election, Education Minister Margaret MacDiarmid made this claim:

Fighting for job security

Most folks in New Westminster, rely on their jobs with companies big and small to support their families.

But when provincial government had a chance to do something to protect those jobs – to protect those workers’ wages and benefits – they did nothing.

Affordable health care for everyone – when they need it

When you look at families in the US who go bankrupt to pay for health care, you realize how much our health care system protects us.

Advanced education and training that young people need and you can afford

BC’s prosperity depends on how well we equip the next generation of workers — yet post-secondary education and training is being driven out of reach for ordinary families as tuition fees soar.